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          2014成人高考《專升本英語》作文范文:假冒商品 1.假冒偽劣商品是個嚴重問題。 2.一些原因導致了這種現象。 3.為了掃除假冒偽劣商品, Fake Commodities Fake and poor quality commodities are a seri...2014-09-23


          Directions: A. Cars play an important role in modern society. But they are also responsible for a good part of air pollution in big cities. Write an essay of about 200 words on car ...2014-09-23


          Upon graduation,virtually all college students will confront the problem of the career choice. It is truly a tough choice. Students opinions differ greatly on this issue. Some holdt...2014-09-23


          范文1: In recent years, due to the country to promote low-carbon living, now the city has many people usually go out no more cars, but with the bike, and some people just walk. Also,...2014-09-23


          2014成人高考《專升本英語》作文范文:面試經驗 How to Succeed in a Job Interview1. 面試在求職過程中的作用;2. 取得面試成功的因素:儀表、舉止談吐、能力、專業知識、自信、實事求是 A job intervie...2014-09-23


          2014成人高考《專升本英語》作文范文:自行車 The Bicycle in China The bicycle is the most popular means of transportation in China. China is a country on bicycle wheels。 People ride the...2014-09-23


          應廣告招聘信 July 23, 2005 Director of Hp Department: Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in this morning s World magazine, I hope to apply for the advertised position. I feel t...2014-09-23


          2014成人高考《專升本英語》作文范文:私家車和交通事故 Traffic accidents are known as one of the most serious problems in todays society .We can see it almost everywhere. A mojority of t...2014-09-23


          2014成人高考《專升本英語》作文范文:環境保護 1、目前環保還存在著許多問題。 2、為了保護環境,各國政府做了大量的工作。 3、我的看法。 Protection of Environment There are still many problems o...2014-09-23


          2 014成人高考《專升本英語》作文范文:男女平等 Should Men and Women Be Equal? People have different ideas about this issue, Some people say that men are superior to women in ability be...2014-09-23

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